China expects to send a space mission to Mars around 2020 and become the first country to combine orbital and ground research in it. This was reported by the publication of China Daily with reference to the chief designer of the project Zhang Rongqiao.

According to him, the project works in three directions: the orbiter, the landing module, and also the rover. The orbiter will receive data on the atmosphere of the red planet, its magnetic field, temperature and landscape, and the rover will study the surface of the planet and will test the equipment to be used in the next mission to collect soil and rock samples.

“Chinese scientists are now conducting preliminary studies to predict the possible results of a study of Mars. In this way, we will be able to publish reports more quickly, “said Zhang Rongqiao.

In addition, the scientist said that China plans to send probes to Jupiter in 2036 and to Uranus in 2046.