The Central Bank of Russia is ready to allow mining, ICO and digital tokens. This is reported by the portal  with reference to the first deputy chairman of the department, Olga Skorobogatov.

“We appreciated and believe that this is an activity that should be conducted within the framework of clear, legitimate rules. Mining in Russia is supposed to be allowed, “she said, adding that the same enterprises, which deal with the production of crypto-currencies, must submit the same requirements, including taxation, control and reporting, to other legal entities.
“At the same time, the question of how the miners that are to be tricked out, should at least exchange, remains open,” Skorobogatova added.

According to her, the Crypto-currency from the point of view of investments “carries huge risks at the level of macroeconomics, population and business”, therefore the Central Bank will take a balanced position in this matter, proceeding from the fact that allowing the exchange of digital currencies in the territory of the Russian Federation is very risky.

Recall that earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin  supported the  conservative approach of the Bank of Russia to crypto-currencies, arguing as an argument on the “colossal fluctuations” of their rates.