How to Buy Ethereum: The Ultimate Guide to Investing in This Cryptocurrency


The Distributed Accounting Technology (DTL) or blockchain is considered as the tool that will change the world as we know it, in the same way that the Internet did in its time.

Ethereum is a blockchain with a complete and integrated language that allows us to write decentralized and intelligent contracts in a simple way with a few lines of code.

Ethereum leads the way in technology of its kind, with its version of register of names and other protocols of currencies and computer systems.

If you want to know more about Ethereum and how to get it to make smart contracts, or manage cryptographic boxes with more power than Bitcoin offers ,read on .

The most effective blockchain Applications platform :

The protocol of Ethereum was created to be a more effective platform than Bitcoin, successfully achieving it by overcoming the limitations that this one in programming, providing withdrawal limits, custody of blockchain , financial contracts and games of chance with general programming language, among others. A lot of advantages.

Acquiring it is simple with the following platforms:

Minimum deposit Buy it with: Intuitive
ETORO $ 200 Bank Yes

ETORO is an intermediary between consumers and sellers of different financial markets, has a strong presence in Europe and emphasizes transactions with cryptocurrency.

Minimum deposit Buy it with: Intuitive
COINBASE $ 1 Bank Yes

It is the most popular change base among Ethereum users . Available in the EU, Europe and Australia with certain restrictions.

Minimum deposit Buy it with: Intuitive
BITPANDA $ 25 Bank Yes


Minimum deposit Buy it with: Intuitive
BITSTAMP $ 5 Bank Yes


Minimum deposit Buy it with: Intuitive
LOCALETHEREUM $ 25 Bank Do not

A completely anonymous place to make transactions. Launched recently in October of 2017, it is consolidating as a strong contender for platforms in this area.

Minimum deposit Buy it with: Intuitive
GDAX $ 1 Do not

Platform provided by Coinbase .

Minimum deposit Buy it with: Intuitive
GEMINI $ 1 Do not


Minimum deposit Buy it with: Intuitive
KRAKEN $ 5 Do not

Platform with the largest volume of cryptocurrency in Europe.

If you want to buy Cryptoassets you will not need any of the precautions that are associated with the purchase. Then you should consult the section on the CFD trade (contracts for difference) so that you can more accurately speculate about its price.

The easiest way to buy ether (ETH)

If you are new to buying currencies, do not worry, the truth is that many exchange platforms are given the task of facilitating the process; At the end of the day that is your business.

The ETH purchase process will vary from one exchange to another, however, the principles are very similar. Those who are new to currency purchases do not need to be alarmed, many exchange platforms make it as easy as sending a single payment online.


You can register in any of the previous exchanges by providing a few personal details. Frequently included during this process are personal identity checks that you will use when depositing or withdrawing in your account.

2.- Complete the KYC guide (know your client)

Before or after depositing, or before you make a withdrawal. You must pass some identification requirements. This is done by filling out KYC and AML forms (anti money laundering).

The exchange will require that you send some proof of address and a photograph to continue with the process.

3.- Choose the means of deposit

Every means to handle Ethereum will offer you its own banking methods. The common thing is that it is a question of several banking combinations that include payments to PayPal , transfers, SEPA (Single Zone of Payments in Euros), credit or debit cards, etc.

As in any bank, a fee will be generated for any deposit. You can usually find the details of the rates on the page of any of the sites in the bag.

4.- To make deposits in US dollars, euros, etc.

Generally, deposits take between 24 hours and several days to appear in your exchange account. The terms vary depending on the deposit method you have chosen.

5.- Buy ETH with your funds

You can buy ETH with the fiduciary currencies that have reached your exchange account. The friendlier platforms such as Coinbase have created a very intuitive process of this procedure. They are even marked “friendly for beginners”.

Guide to buy Ethereum

Introduction to Ethereum investments

As we already mentioned,  Ethereum is a blockchain , an accounting book that contains the history of transactions and is shielded by a chain of computers in which each transaction is validated individually.

In other words, there are hundreds of computers that confirm and remain as witnesses of each of the negotiations. This method ensures the incorruptibility of the system since a hacker would have to break into thousands of computers in the chain to steal your information.

The Ethereum exchange rate , the ETH, is issued by the machines that carry out this work and is easily traded with fiduciary currencies such as the euro or the dollar.

This network already has thousands of participants with whom you can make transactions worldwide without intermediaries.

As in any blockchain , the transactions in Ethereum are immutable. Since the transaction has been finalized, the registration is unalterable and remains in file in perpetuity, or until the Internet is finished.

If the transaction is considered invalid by a computer in the chain of thousands that verify the transaction, then it is not included in the blockchain .

If instead it is validated by the chain, the complete transaction is stored in each of the computers in the chain, with physical locations in different parts of the planet and with identical copies. Making all the information completely secure.

The blockchain has a global agreement that protects in perpetuity every transaction that is made through it. Due to this characteristic, it becomes impossible that at some point Ethereum closes its doors.

The blockchain managed by Ethereum started its activities in 2015. The initial price of the ETH was less than one dollar and has risen consistently. At this time it is above $ 300 dollars and continues to rise.

This guide to buying ETH will explain why this cryptocurrency is valuable and what you should take into account when investing in it, the benefits and risks, as well as the most appropriate way to do it.

To understand the value proposition of Ethereum  and if as an investor you should consider it, the first thing you have to consider is the value of the virtual assets that they offer you and why they are attracting so much attention.

Investors in all areas and at all levels are relying on this currency. From real estate companies to retailers. Several maquiladoras prefer it, along with novice or experienced investors who use it; The truth is that it offers benefits for all.