Until recently, cryptotrading was associated with extremely serious risks. This industry is still not devoid of certain weak points. But at least one important problem has become less. Last December, the President of Belarus, A.G. Lukashenka signed a law that will form the most favorable legal atmosphere in the territory of the EAEC for the rapid development of the digital economy.

The Bitexbook exchange is in step with the times, therefore in April 2018 it will receive the status of a resident of the High Technologies Park of the Republic of Bashkortostan. This will make her work completely legal. The financial assets of users of this crypto-exchange will be protected by the state bodies of the republic. At the same time, the incomes of traders trading on this site will not be taxed.

What else can please Bitexbook? In short, the assumptions about the excellent prospects of this project are based on the following features:

  1. Opportunity to trade anonymously. There are several types of accounts on the exchange. The simplest of them does not require the user to undergo a verification procedure. Using it, you can replenish the balance in the system in digital coins, make exchanges and create warrants, and also display tokens on your over-the-counter wallets (both “cold” and “hot”).
  2. Low commission. Many similar projects not only keep fractional parts of coins for internal transactions (purchase, sale), but also take quite a lot when withdrawing and entering money – from 5% and up to 10-15%. On Bitexbook you will not encounter such a blatant greed of service.
  3. Awesome speed of replenishment and withdrawal of funds. In order to send money to the trade balance, you will need to spend just a minute of your time. A withdrawal of funds will take no more than 60 minutes. If to compare with other crypto-exchanges, then it’s very fast. Traders who have already faced long processing of requests for input and output, understand the price of efficiency.Market volatility is extremely high. The success of trading here often depends on whether you can buy a rapidly growing coin within a few seconds or sell losing tokens. Working with Bitexbook you will make it all much faster.

In February, the founders of the project will release a convenient application for gadgets on the Android OS. With its help, it will be possible to use all the main trading tools of the exchange, continuously keeping an eye on the pulse of the market. You can register in the browser version of the site right now.At the moment, only the most popular tokens are entered here. But by the summer of 2018 the number of currency pairs available on Bitexbook will increase to 50.