Big Data market to grow to $ 9.4 billion by 2020


In this context, machine learning will be the biggest disruptive force in this sector during 2017, according to the estimates of the consultant Ovum.

Big Data continues to be the fastest growing segment of the information management software market. In fact, according to the latest forecasts made public by consultancy Ovum, this sector will move from about $ 1.7 billion this year to about $ 9.4 billion in 2020, accounting for 10% of the global information management tools market.

Much of this growth will be driven by machine learning, Big Data’s biggest disruptor over the next year. Not in vain, it is already a segment that is becoming ubiquitous. According to the Ovum study, it is being implemented in enterprise software and using it to integrate and prepare data. In the words of Tony Baer, senior analyst at Information Management, “Big Data has gone from being a buzzword to becoming an urgency for companies in all important sectors. Growth issues are being fostered by machine learning, which will reduce barriers to the adoption of Big Data-based analytics and solutions, and the growing dominance of the cloud, which will alleviate implementation hurdles. ”

On the other hand, the study reveals the existence of a perfect storm, which has transformed the transmission in real time from being a niche technology to one with a wide interprofessional appeal. Open source technology has reduced barriers to entry for both technology providers and customers; while the scalable commodity infrastructure has made it possible to process large streams of data in real time economically and technically feasible. Add to that the explosion in bandwidth and smart sensor technology, which has opened up new use cases ranging from location-based marketing to health, security, intrusion detection or predictive maintenance .