As the Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard became the favorite of advertisers and earned more than $ 7 million

Maria Sharapova ten years in a row led the rating of the highest paid female athletes , but the dope scandal with meldonia and disqualification seriously reduced her incomes . Last year, the Russian bypassed Serena Williams. And in this case, Maria was completely outside the top 10, earning less than $ 6 million. But in the rating was entrenched (last year was the 10th, in this – the 9th), the 23-year-old Canadian tennis player Ezheni Bouchard. Forbes tells how the 79th racket of the world manages to earn more than $ 7 million a year and why Maria Sharapova already needs to worry.

When Eugenie Bouchard was 9 years old, she first crossed with Maria Sharapova at one of the exhibition tournaments and decided to take the example from the Russian in everything. After 10 years in her career, the first Grand Slam finale happened. It was Wimbledon. It did not work out, but it turned out to attract attention. Faster than all reacted marketers Nike. They were particularly pleased that for several years Eugenie had come out to court in dresses from the collection of Sharapova. Now in the partner portfolio of athletes, except Nike, Coca-Cola, Aviva, Rogers, Babolat, Colgate and others. And all this despite the fact that the final of the Grand Slam three years ago still remains her main career achievement. How is this possible?