A representative of NEM told about the investigation of hacking Coincheck.

Takao Asayama, a member of the Singapore-based NEM Foundation and one of the creators of crypto currency, said he works with crypto-exchanges to help block hackers who have stolen money from Coincheck, the possibility of cashing out the stolen crypto currency.

Hackers Coincheck overlaid on all sides

He also said that the hacker attack on Coincheck is being investigated by the authorities of several countries, but did not specify which ones.

Earlier this week, Japanese regulators promised to test all crypto-exchanges in the country to identify security problems, and strongly recommended Coincheck to improve safety standards.

Takao Asayama confirmed that some of the stolen money was moved to two exchanges, but the purpose of the transactions was not the withdrawal of money, but the testing of the tracking system, according to the Nikkei Asian Review