Supercell devotes a lot of time and care to the updates of its precious game, Clash Royale. That is why, until today is one of the most played mobile games. The goal of the changes after each update is to balance the game and thus avoid playing only some types of cards and that the others are useless. Today we are going to show you what the changes of the new update of Supercell in Clash Royale.

Card changes

Some of the most played cards have undergone drastic changes in their statistics, the cards we saw least in the area are now a little stronger.

  • Night witch: damage has been reduced by 9% and reaches 11%. The generation of bats has increased to a second more and when the witch dies it will generate two bats instead of three.
  • Battle batter: It will take longer to charge and the barbarians will be generated with a little delay after hitting.
  • Cemetery: This legendary spell will last one second less and will generate two skeletons less than in the previous version.
  • Mini PEKKA: increased their damage by 4.6%.
  • Crossbow and Mortar: these two structures have reduced their deployment time from 4 seconds to 3.5.
  • Dark Prince: They have increased their damage by 6% and their attack speed is 1.4 seconds.
  • Ice Magician: Increased damage by 10% and attack speed is now 1.7 seconds.
  • Bats: This common newly added in the game will now generate 5 troops instead of 4.

Clash Royale has many surprises prepared for us to fall, with each update we can see how it changes the cycle of the game favoring and disadvantaging the cards . Some of the heavier cards in the game still do not suffer from nerfeos .