Alexa also will recognize the voices of users

Amazon’s voice assistant joins the initiative announced by Google Home and will offer personalized answers.

Amazon announced the new feature, which will allow you to configure voice recognition through Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show. Users should read aloud ten sentences, which will be used by Alexa to create the profile, which can be used also in other Echo devices and in those compatible with Alexa.

Voice recognition is available for calls, messages, shopping, or music playback through the Amazon Music Unlimited family plan, though the company said it will expand to other features in the future. On the other hand, the new feature of Alexa, according to Amazon, will become increasingly intelligent as it is used.

This feature is particularly useful for users who share their Echo device with other family members because they will be able to receive answers according to their tastes and preferences.

Voice recognition is available starting this Wednesday and will reach all users in the next few days.