Like all games, Pokémon GO also suffers from errors that are slight but notorious. We talked about gyms that do not appear in rural areas , and Niantic is doing everything possible to solve this problem, so that more people can play quietly wherever they are. If you are interested in what Niantic has said, here we will show you everything so that you are aware of the movements.

Niantic will solve the problem of rural areas

Many users, they spend wondering, why there are no poképaradas near their location . And because of this, many players create fake locations so that they can reach areas where there are poképaradas. For this reason, Niantic has specifically responded to users who have complained about this. The developer of the game says:

“At Niantic we have not forgotten anyone . Know that we are working on it. To better explain what we are doing, we need to see where we come from with Ingress, “begins the most popular game release of 2016 :

“Ingress never had the rural theme the same way as Pokémon GO currently. This is in part due to the fact that we allow portal presentations for most Ingress existence , so that most users could create portals around their area if they did not exist. That mechanism was laborious but it worked to the scale of that game .

“In Pokémon GO, we saw a torrent of players in the game and in places where Ingress never logged on . The number of players is such that we simply could not activate the portal presentations and hire a review team. Instead, we have needed to design a solution that fits the size of problems .

In this way, we will be more relaxed to take into account that soon Niantic will increase the capacity of the Poképaradas in Pokémon GO, so that players who do not have poképaradas nearby, manage to play normally .