Most of our time, we usually spend in the office at work. In the workplace we have a certain way of holding, and each person acquires some habits. There are a number of habits that can adversely affect your health.Here are some of them:

1. Lack of morning meal

The experts’ opinion on this issue is unambiguously negative. Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal and should not be missed. To work on an empty stomach is dangerous not only because you will be sluggish and not energetic, but you also risk getting a gastritis.

2. Lunch at the workplace

Do not try to solve working problems during lunch. Multitasking does not promote productive work. Try to have lunch in the rest room or in the kitchen, let your brain rest from the current affairs. After dinner, you will not only be well fed, but will also feel refreshed.

3. Poor posture

Many of us forget to follow their posture, so they slouch at the desk. This disrupts the natural work of the back muscles and worsens the flow of blood to the internal organs. At the end of the day, the stooping posture will make itself felt in the back and shoulder pains.

4. Sitting at the table all day long

Sitting way of life became the same mass habit as smoking. A moderate physical effort is vital to the human body. On this depends the state of health and the external beauty of the body. Try, at least several times a day to do exercises and more to walk in the fresh air after work.

5. Supporting the face with your hand

This habit suffers from facial skin. Supporting the head with the hand helps to accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. Touching hands on the face skin is not hygienic, and this can lead to a rash.

6. Rubbing the eyelids

This procedure is also unhygienic, and you can accidentally injure the delicate skin around the eyes.

7. Work on the cold

Work is always a lot and there is no time to hurt, but this is not a reason not to take a sick leave. Coming to the office with a cold, you promote your colleagues to risk getting infected. Attempts to recover “on your feet” can lead to complications from a common cold.

8. Pose of foot on foot

This posture seems very comfortable, but, in fact, when we sit cross-legged, it bends the posture and squeezes the veins on the legs. Better put your feet on the floor.

9. Inability to fully relax

The absence of rest inevitably leads to a working burnout. Quality rest, in the first place, depends on your ability to relax. On arrival home, put all the gadgets aside. Devote time to communication with family, walks, sports and household chores.