One of the biggest advances in the technology of mobile phones is the ability of some models to charge their battery wirelessly. For this you need a device capable of doing this, and that is what we offer you. In this list of the best wireless chargers on the market you can choose the one that best suits your device, with very cheap prices that you can buy comfortably.



We started with a product that has been designed primarily for the newest models of the Samsung S range, having a loading speed even 2 times higher than any other battery charging system.

To give you all kinds of possibilities, you can place the mobile both vertically and horizontally, resting the mobile without slipping problem thanks to a silicone base that will come into contact with the terminal, preventing it from moving. It has a special protection to avoid overheating and excessive temperature, being able to feel how, after a lot of use, it is still at normal temperature.


With the next charger you will forget about cables, with one of the best Qi systems in the market. You can charge your devices quickly with just entering the contact with the two surfaces, useful both for those who have this factory technology, and for those who have equipped a special cover with Qi.

The design is beautiful, and very careful, adding rubber to prevent the sliding of the mobile, getting it to hold very well in place, even when it suffers a sudden movement. You will have all the quality guarantees that the European Union demands for these devices, making you have a great high-performance product for very little.


Loaders with support are for my opinion, those that offer more possibilities, since, you can have it loading while you see the time or even if they call you while you are working, without having to grab the mobile to put the screen in reading position.

This charger will be able to, in just two hours, fully charge any mobile that has the integrated Qi system. These two hours range from 0 to 100% with terminals such as the Samsung S range, the new Nokias or certain Motorolas. To know if it is loaded in its entirety, you just have to look at the LED light that will go from blue to green when it is full.


We continue with another model of charger indicated above all for Samsung phones, although, however, you can also use it with any other device, as long as it has Qi technology, either installed from the factory or through an installed panel.

Its design is very different from what we are used to seeing, being one of the best wireless chargers in this sense, with this product you will be able to see how the LED light changes color to know at all times when your phone has been charged. The only problem we can find is that it does not have fast loading QC 3.0 of the new models, but even so, it is one of the fastest on the market.


If what you are looking for is one of the best universal wireless chargers to be able to put your device compatible with Qi, with this you will have certain benefits. On the one hand, its load is more than acceptable, since, just by touching the surface of the product with the mobile phone, the charge will begin, without the need to connect any cable, very easy and safe.

The protection system will ensure that during operation it does not overheat, putting maximum safety and guarantees in this method of loading. For convenience, it will automatically disconnect when you verify that the terminal has been charged.


With a circular design, it is one that has an attraction for the client. Perhaps it is one of the less powerful chargers, but you will have other characteristics that you may love.

The duration of a conventional terminal can last from 0 to 100 about 3 or 4 hours in those devices that the battery is very wide, but nevertheless, among the specifications that you may like the most is the sleep regulator, in which its light indicator will be regulated according to the darkness of the room, so that, when you are sleeping, do not bother at all.



This device takes into account several important factors for the safety of the mobile when it is charging. On the one hand, it gives you the security of a non-slip rubber surface, which will make it stay secure, but on the other hand, you have some small feet of the same material, which will make it not move from the table where you have it loaded.

Regarding the other sections, it is very similar to others that we have already analyzed, with an LED screen that will indicate the user when the mobile is loaded or when it is in the middle of the process.


The last of the wireless chargers that we are going to present is designed so that it can be left on the table and that its appearance is more than careful and elegant, with a border in transparent plastic that will attract everyone.

Regarding its features we can tell you that the phones that will most enjoy it are those of the Samsung brand that have the Qi system, although if you install this technology you can also enjoy it. It has a very fast charge, although you will not be able to enjoy the QC 3.0 of the most Premium phones.


Wireless chargers are the newest technology when it comes to recharging our devices and that every day users demand more from their phones as it is a great improvement and a facility that is appreciated. You just have to think that you will not need to connect your phone to anything, without risks that with the use you can damage the charging plug, something very common for those who use the phone even when it is recharging. On the other hand, these systems have an excellent load, very fast, being able to avoid overheating. To buy the best wireless charger, without having scares or disappointment after the product, we will give you some tips so that, whenever you go to buy, you ensure certain important specifications.


The first one is that you have to keep in mind that your mobile device will have Qi technology or you can simply install it. This type of system is what makes the battery can be charged wirelessly, so if you do not have it, you can not do it. Generally, high-performance mobiles, such as the new Samsung Galaxy S, the Nexus or certain Nokias or iPhone, can be loaded with this system, since they include it within their hardware. Some others also give you the possibility, but you will need to install a small product that is purchased on the internet in some specialized stores that helps your mobile accept this load. But you must bear in mind, that not everyone will accept this device in the same way, so we recommend that before making your purchase,

Another important point is its design. As you have seen in our catalog, usually two of them reign, one in a circular and one in rectangular, which usually place the mobile standing. The choice is going to run on your own, although the main thing to look at is that when you place your device on the stand, do not move.

Wireless Charger

The next thing to keep in mind is that it can be loaded with 2.1A cables. These are models that support the best energy and therefore will get faster load your mobile devices. Usually, this type of cable is what you can find inside the box of your own mobile being the one that brings you to buy it, however, if you want to acquire one, you should always keep this information in mind so that the load is faster . Similarly, these wireless chargers, usually bring such cables so you can connect to both the home network, as well as USB to laptop or computer.

To conclude, you have to bear in mind that the Wireless universal chargers will not accept today the QC 3.0 charge, which is included only in the premium products of brands like Samsung. This technology will get 100% charge a mobile in just one hour, something that is appreciated for its ease of use, however, with the rest of products can take between two hours and 4 hours, depending on the model you acquire.