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7 successful and forgotten apps


There are many apps that have worn away our thumbs. A handful of them steal our data for a time and then fall into oblivion.

What a doubt! The apps have changed our lives, giving a return to traditional communications and bringing with it a huge revolution in which our smartphone acts as entertainment portal, gastronomic tutor, time man and even image consultant.

There are many apps that have worn away our thumbs . Some accompany us from birth to become daily allies, others come and go, and a handful of them steal our data for a time and then fall into the deepest oblivion.

Neffos, TP-Link’s smartphone brand , has compiled the 7 most popular apps you’ve probably enjoyed, but which you did not remember, did you?

  • 1.       Dubmash : Fashionable a few years ago by familiar faces of our country, this app gave you the option to become for a few seconds in Esperanza Aguirre, Carmen de Mairena or Darth Vader himself; characters to whom you could bend the voices. Pure entertainment, the application began to fall into disuse; now its equivalent seem to be the filters of Snapchat or Instagram, because the question is still having fun transforming our voice … or our faces.
  • 2.       Viber : At some point ran as a real alternative, perhaps the best, Whatsapp. Born in Spain, it was one of the first applications with the ability to offer free calls. Viber began to store users in a dizzying way, and at the same speed bleeding. There are also complaints from some media about the lack of respect for the right to privacy of its users, as the app stores information about the contacts of each user. Even so, today, according to its CEO, the company continues to accumulate more than 200 million users.
  • 3.       Triviados: Basada en el clásico juego de mesa Trivial, esta app se convirtió durante algunos meses en toda una institución de los juegos para smartphone. Como pasaba con el clásico, la app tenía una serie de preguntas finitas, con poca rotación y, llegado un punto, no ganaba el más listo, sino el que más partidas había jugado aprendiéndose cada respuesta. Este fue uno de los motivos por los que esta entretenida app, instigadora de piques interminables, fue perdiendo gancho entre sus usuarios.
  • 4.       Ares : The archiconocido program for downloading music also had its relevance in the world app. With the help of its users, Ares made possible access to music, series, movies … The problem? Sometimes you want to hear the latest album from Daft Punk and had just cleaning the kitchen with new Pitingo. Then came Spotify and Netflix to finish burying the corpse.
  • 5.       Pokémon GO : Without a doubt, one of the most powerful viral phenomena of the last decade. Pokémon GO was much more than a simple game; became almost a parallel reality, in which some lived more than in pure reality. Little by little the app of Pikachu, Charmander and company was being forgotten, weighed down by the capture of all the Pokémon, and is that once finished the game ended the fun and, therefore, the profitability of the app.
  • 6.       BlackBerry Messenger : A true pioneer. An indispensable application until Whatsapp got in your way. The BlackBerry chat changed the way we communicated, giving us the opportunity to stop counting characters in SMS and opening a new range of possibilities. It marked the beginning of a new era in which short messages began to prevail over the voice.
  • 7.       Foursquare : Speaking of pioneers, Foursquare, that application check-in that had the power to appoint you mayor of your favorite street thanks to their medals made us addicted to their virtual rewards. This app discovered a way to interact with our friends through the game, however, they had to change their business model for lack of profitability. If anyone misses it, you can download Swarm, the update of this old glory that includes many new features.