Being able to leave home, go to work or even take a trip is something that anyone can do, but there are great risks that the house will be left alone and therefore, may be invaded by thieves, while you are in the other tip of the city or just resting during a weekend in a place on the coast. If you want to have everything controlled and know what is happening in your home, we will indicate which are the best wireless surveillance cameras in the market, being able to compare them and analyze the descriptions that we offer you.



The first of all comes from a world-known brand, and although initially it began its journey with mobile phones, today it is possible to find it in all kinds of products. We are talking about Xiaomi with its range of Yi cameras, which assure perfect characteristics with a very economical price, ideal for all budgets.

It is a machine that will be able to make recordings in 360 degrees in a resolution of 1080p HD, having a very advanced angulation, so you can see what happens from any angle. You will be able to know that it happens as much by day as by night thanks to its night vision, having many shades that will make the image look perfect. You can also record sound, having an anti-noise system that will make what you want to hear clearer. By installing the application on your mobile, you can receive alerts if the infrared of the camera records any movement, to know if someone is around your house or around.


Then I will present another great wireless surveillance camera, which also comes from Xiaomi but in this case we could say that it is the younger brother of the previous one, having a somewhat lower resolution, but not enviable of 720p, being shared by virtually all the models that we are going to describe, in addition to other models that you can find in stores.

This time it is a more basic but you will get to work with Wi-Fi, being able to access at all times what you are collecting by mobile or Tablet, even if you are in the other part of the world, with just having your device connected to the internet, you can follow live what happens in your home. You will have an angle of 111 degrees, plus you will have an option to zoom automatically when the camera records a movement.


With astonishing ease, you will be able to install and mount this wireless surveillance camera for your garden or plot, getting to observe any unwanted movements that may occur both during the day and at night, warning you immediately if something has moved. You can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or a 3G or 4G data connection network to be able to do what is happening outside, you just have to download the application that will tell you inside the instructions and configure them step by step to that you can see and record everything you want.

Not only will you be able to connect it to a mobile device, but you can also see it from your laptop or PC by following the instructions.

The images come out clear thanks to different filters, being able to clearly see the faces and it could be located in a zone without roof that will give the same thing that it rains or not, since it is waterproof.


Sometimes a single camera does not convince you and you need more than one for your local or your country house is completely protected in every way. For this, we have selected you in the catalog of the best wireless surveillance cameras on the market, this special kit of four for an affordable price that will be available to everyone and with really good features.

The first thing you will notice is that the recording is very clear, being able to record in different modes so that you can choose the one that best suits what you want, being able to make a backup through USB to save a copy and that nothing is lost. To save memory, you can make it only record when the camera notices a movement making the revision of the videos much faster, especially if you want to see if someone enters or leaves your grounds.



For those who are looking for a simple camera to install that does not require assembly and that nothing else out of the package can be put to work we present this product of the Tsing brand that will not need any complicated configuration or anything like that.

It will have high quality night vision, being able to see perfectly everything that happens in a range of 15 meters, making that, if a movement is detected by means of its infrared, it will send a notice by email or even by message to the mobile so you can see what is happening, watching the images live or capturing a photograph. You can save everything you see at the time of movement through a MicroSD card which is not included, with a capacity of 128 GB. You can install it outdoors because it has IP66 protection that ensures you will be resistant to water and dust.


The next wireless surveillance camera is going to be the last one we analyze and has several interesting advantages that you will like very much, such as the possibility of moving it from the device you have installed the application, whether it is a tablet, a mobile phone or a laptop or PC, you can do it in a simple way following the steps indicated in your manual in Spanish.

You will be able to rotate the camera from one side to another, having the ability to rotate vertically by about 80 degrees, while horizontally it will cover 355 degrees, making it almost a 360 camera. On the other hand, in addition to turning, you can also focus and bring what you see closer, being useful if you see something that does not fit you and you want to see what it is. The resolution will be the usual with the 720p and an HD resolution, needing a MicroSD card so that recording is possible.


A surveillance camera has to have some characteristics so that it can be used and the cheapest one is not always advisable, as well as, perhaps, spending hundreds of euros on a product with functions that you may not use, nor will it be advisable. For this we have proposed some tips that will serve you very useful and that will help you get buy the best surveillance camera for your home.


The first thing we are going to talk about is going to be the memory that will be used for recording and playing the videos. We from here we recommend you always look for those products to which you can add a MicroSD card of at least 128Gb since you do not know that you can record, it is better to have a large space than when you least expect it, to stay without seeing what happens , especially if you’re going to take many days away from home. You also have to think that these products are going to have a very good resolution and therefore, videos can occupy much more space than you imagine, so if you do not want to be constantly formatting your memory, it is better to try a large capacity.

The IR-Cut system is a technology in which you can enjoy much sharper night vision images with a better range of colors, with the possibility of seeing in more detail what is happening at the moment in which the camera catch something. If you have this system, it will be more likely that if someone enters your house, you can see and identify them by these images, since the face will be better defined than any other product that does not have quality night vision.

The angle of vision will also be important in this type of products, since the higher the range you will be able to observe, without the need for the camera itself to move from one place to another, saving energy. It is advisable to always install one that has a 360 degree view, while if you want to focus towards the entrance of the house or the walls, with one that can have a medium range, it can be more what is acceptable

In the event that you are going to place the security camera on the outside, among the characteristics that you have to look at is that they have to have water protection, in order that it can last much longer and that this element or others like the powder does not affect the product.

Wireless surveillance camera with infrared

Another option for which you can decide is for those cameras that have motion detection to save memory on your MicroSD card. These systems will warn you of what moves in your plot, be it a person, an animal or even an object, sending a message to your mobile so you can watch it live from this device or from your own computer. In these devices you can activate a mode in which it will only start up if something moves, so reviewing the videos will be easier, being useful to save time. Many other models, of the so-called high quality and of which you have one in this list, you will have the possibility of moving to the place you want the camera, both horizontally and vertically,