Do you want to run, but do not have time to play sports on the street? I invite you to read my list of the best electric treadmills , through which you will get to exercise without leaving home. With these machines you can have the security of buying a quality product at a cheap price.


I start recommending the treadmill that I have personally in my house and it is giving me very good results. I can assure you that it is very easy to run on the treadmill, because it cushions every footprint very well. This is because it includes Reflex technology.

Among other things I have to emphasize that you can listen to music through the mp3, without forgetting that it has 2 speakers to play the music if the headphones are not connected.

Controlling speed is very easy, although it also includes up to 12 predefined programs to achieve a good evolution. Among other things, it includes the lipo reducer type massage belt and a large safety system.

With this tape you will be able to run at a speed of up to 12 km / h, while you can choose between 3 degrees of inclination to do more or less exercise.


If you like to run at great speeds, with this tape you can achieve your goal. And is that this machine has a powerful engine, which will allow you to run up to 18 km / h.

It has an intelligent training system, through which you can evolve little by little without you noticing. In this case you can choose between 12 evolution modes. And if you want to go free, through its control panel you can easily regulate the speed of the treadmill at the speed that suits you at all times.

The Ultra flex system will help you cushion each step, which translates into greater comfort when exercising on the tape. And if you like to run with space, with this model you can get it. It is a very spacious tape.


If you are not a very demanding athlete and you want to spend just enough, this tape may suit what you are really looking for. With this tape you can run without problems, although it is not as complete as the previous models.

I have tried it personally and it gives very good results when you walk with it like when you run with it, although at maximum speed if you notice some vibrations that can be annoying for some people.

This model has many extras such as the simple folding system and especially the LED screen where you can see information such as running time, calories burned … among other things.

The design of the ribbon is very beautiful, so it will be very well integrated into the interior of your house.


In the middle of the list I want to include the best machine you can buy in my opinion for quality price. If you are one of the people who want the best quality and do not mind spending a little more to have the security of buying a good machine, this model will be perfect for you.

The engine is one of the most powerful in the market. In this case you can enjoy an engine with 3.75 Cv through which you will get the tape to work at a speed of 1 to 20 km / h. And all this speed you will get with a very low noise level.

The LCD monitor is 8 inches so you can easily see and control the machine. In addition, you can connect the machine to your mobile, as long as it is Android or Ios.

And if you need to move the machine from one place to another, you will not have problems because it comes equipped with wheels that will facilitate and much transport.


Another of the alternatives that I recommend for quality price is that offered by the brand No Brand. This brand offers us a 1.5 HP engine, through which you can get the speed you need, as long as you do not exceed 10 km / h. It is a machine that will give you very good results as long as you use it at the most 2 hours a day. If you use it for longer, the machine may get too hot.

It has a very resistant structure that will resist each and every one of the impacts that we will give to the machine while we run.

Another thing that I really like is the Lcd screen, where you can find all the information you need to know. For example you can know the number of calories, speed, time … for the price you have is quite good for moderate use.


Finally, I will recommend a ribbon specially made for tall people. This tape is very good quality and has more than enough space for people to climb on it feel really free.

The tape will allow you to exercise without problems, but its lcd screen will give you a lot of information. And I really like the landscape option, where you will be shown a landscape where it will seem like you are running along a road. Thus you will have the feeling of greater freedom. You can also link your mobile to the machine and listen to music so that the time you spend running seems much shorter.

And if you are not sure how to start using the machine, I recommend using one of the 12 programs that the machine has.


Although all models of electric treadmills may seem the same or very similar, you should keep in mind that this is not true. The difference of some models to others can be very broad. To help you make the right choice, I’ll show you a series of tips, with which it will be much easier to buy the perfect tape for your needs.


The size of the tape is paramount so that you can feel comfortable or comfortable using it. I recommend that the measurement of the tape is at least 120 × 40 cm. If the measurement is lower, do not buy it, because you will not have the comfort you need when running on the tape. Personally I recommend buying a tape with a larger size, but the last decision should be made by you. Of course, if you have a house not very large, you can always bet on a folding tape, which will take up very little space when you’re not using it.

The security of the tape is very important. The vast majority of tapes already include many security systems such as automatic shutdown in the event of a fall.

I value the screen a lot. When I’m exercising, I value the screen so much that I can see the information without problems. I do not have sight problems, but when I exercise I do not like that the data is shown to me in small. I prefer to have a great facility. I appreciate that the machine allows me to listen to music. I am one of the people who like to listen to music through headphones, but sometimes I like the music to be played through the speakers.

If you want to increase the hardness of your training the inclination of the tape is important . The great majority of tapes that have this option allow to incline the tape in a percentage of 8%, although in some cases the percentage can ascend up to 15%. This will help you have to make a greater effort in your journey and therefore you can burn more calories during the trip on the tape. All this information will be shown to you through the screen, without forgetting that the programming is done simply through the digital screen.

To get to enjoy a good machine, the engine is very important. The engine must always be powerful to get you the speed you need to run at ease. The power is measured in CV and the more power you have, the faster you can get on the belt. Typically, they usually offer a limit of 12 km / h, but in some cases the limits can be higher and reach up to 20 km / h. But since you can regulate the speed, you can always go at the pace that suits you best. And do not forget that you should never be too rough, especially if you start running.

If you want to avoid pains of different types after the tour in the tape, I recommend you buy a model that has some kind of cushioning technology . The most common is Reflex technology, but there are more options to choose from.

The maximum weight is usually not something we look at much, but if you are a corpulent person make sure that the tape will support your weight without problems, especially if you have a weight over 100 kg.

And if you have a certain budget to buy the cheap electric treadmill, then do not hesitate and make the purchase online. So you can save and have the security of knowing that you can buy a high quality machine, which will send you directly home without having to worry about anything. Do not forget that the best thing is to buy the best quality tape for the market price and for that do not forget the tapes that I have recommended in the previous list. These tapes are very well priced and will surely offer everything you’re looking for.