The accessories for the players are a bit like the air conditioning in the car. In an old car without air conditioning, you can travel all over Europe in the summer and see many beautiful places, but is not it better to travel with a nice face, a quiet engine and a gleaming, glistening lacquer that catches sight of pedestrians?

In the case of gaming computers, the case is simple – without the top components you will not go or you will go choking on the whole engine and spoiling the pleasure of having fun. With the keyboard and mouse, it is no longer obvious. After all, they are only the function of passing our commands – they do not affect the resolution of the screen, the number of frames per second or the quality of displayed textures.

The padded mouse is getting worse on the back of the pad, but it still works, and the keyboard may or may not catch our intention, but why replace it immediately? Even if we already decide to buy new equipment, we often come out of Polish Janusz, who looks at all the models above the offer from the shop with a smiley insect logo looks pity. We appeal to you in the embryo, and you will not regret it. Here are five reasons why buying a new keyboard and mouse makes sense.

Precision road to victory

Twins Paul and Gawel in one steel house. Each of them was a hot fan of CS: GO and everyone was doing their best to reach the expert level of the game – they invested in ergonomic chairs, a high-resolution widescreen monitor, a computer that was not allowed to look up, watched masses of streams, listened to more experienced players and trained together at the same time. Their only access to control accessories was Paul’s use of a mechanical keyboard and optical mouse, and a gauntlet with a diaphragm keypad and wireless, cheap rodent. Who do you think was the better player?

In games, especially multiplayer in which we face a living opponent, not artificial intelligence, many parameters are decisive for the win. Neglecting any of them deprives us of the chance to win, even if it’s only a fraction of a second. In our example, Paul will always be one step ahead of Gawl, not because of his skill, but because of the faster and more precise reactions of his steering accessories.

HyperX Pulsefire FPS is dedicated to multi-player shooters

On the HyperX Alloy Elite keyboard, for example, the CherryMX switches are activated at half the keystroke, and in the HyperX Pulsefire FPS, the Pixar PMW3310 optical sensor, currently considered one of the best on the market. Both devices operate at a frequency of 1000 Hz, which means that they transmit to the computer information every millisecond. In the four-year keyboard, the signal was sent every 8 milliseconds. Sure, it’s still less than a blink of an eye, but think about the fact that, in the course of an hour of gameplay, we’re talking here about the possibility of transferring information to a computer 3 600,000 times or 450,000. That’s a big difference, right?

Are you nervous? This equipment will withstand

Multiplayer games can raise the pressure, especially when people with protozoan intelligence come to the team. There are situations in which even you, the oasis of calm and the ocean of gentleness can punch your desk. Or the keyboard. When we are hurrying or struggling to get a better place in the table, we use the equipment more intensely – we hit harder in the keys, with more clicks we click the mouse. Certainly, some people also use the computer for children who have the secret power of destroying electronics.

HyperX Alloy Elite guarantees a lifetime of 50 million clicks

Mice and keyboards are used every day in different ways, and it is worth investing in accessories that will not break down after a month or two at the very least. Classic membrane keyboards withstand up to 10 million clicks on average. High-end mechanics such as HyperX Alloy Elite can survive up to 50 million hits. In other words, you are 5 times longer, which justifies their higher price. You should also pay attention to the materials from which the accessories are made. Aluminum frame, matte plastic that will not pick up fingerprints and braided cable – these are the advantages that are found in top mechanical keyboards.

Ergonomics, that plays longer without fatigue

In the case of keyboards, there are several aspects of ergonomics. The first type of switches. Choose the one that suits your style of work. Cherry MX Blue is recognized not only as the loudest of the family, but also the biggest feedback signal. They are especially recommended to people who write more than they play (their clatter most reflects the old typewriter). Cherry MX Brown requires less pressure and is much quieter. MX Red is the most commonly used switch for gamers – they offer the highest level of precision as they have no noticeable jump. They are the quietest of all. These three types of switches are found most often in mechanical keyboard players, although few manufacturers choose to sell more than one or two sets of choices.

Additional USB connectors allow you to connect your headset or mouse directly to the HyperX Alloy Elite keyboard

Another important issue is the palm rest. Thanks to it we can play longer or write much longer because we do not have to hold hands in the air. Of course, a keyboard with a stand will take up more space on your desk, but if you plan to use your computer for a few hours a day, it is worth looking for a model with just such an add-on.

If you have a workstation located on the floor or in a hard-to-reach place, look out for USB-equipped keyboards. They are the role of the HUB, which can be hooked up to a pen drive, mouse or headset. There are also separate multimedia keys for controlling the playback of movies or music. Alloy Elite has, for example, a convenient volume control that lets you quickly change the sound level.

Ergonomic design ensures comfort during game play

In the case of mice, I would say that ergonomics is even more important. I know that all those rodents with a million buttons and a fancy form always electrify all players, but do not be fooled by the looks. The most comfortable mouse is the classic shape that fits under the dominant hand. Also note the size and thickness of the slippers, as well as the presence of non-skid materials placed on the sides of the mouse.

Shine at night

Let’s go back to our Paul and Gawla for a moment, who decided to make a marathon session on Twitch. They have been playing continuously for a few good hours and it is dark. Gauntlet looks nervously toward the less visible keyboard and the light switch placed a few meters away from him. It will be completely dark and the game will become less comfortable. With every minute writing on it more and more tired eyes and distracted attention. Paul does not care about it because his keyboard and mouse are equipped with LEDs.

Backlighting not only makes the presentation of the equipment much more interesting at night. It is also another element of ergonomics, which will especially appreciate people sitting at night and sharing the room with someone else. The LEDs are so discreet that they do not interfere with the sleep of the other person, just like the night light, and at the same time clear enough for the player to benefit from it. Ideally, when the keyboard and mouse offer the ability to select colors from the full spectrum of RGB, it usually affects the price. The compromise is to choose accessories with LEDs in one color, but offering at least different intensity levels – the HyperX models here are for intense red with some spectacular animations.

You do not have to starve

In our market, there are several brands for players whose offer price seems to be quite mismatched in the pocket of the average Pole (top keyboard can cost over a thousand zloty!). The question is, are really the devices recommended by the stars of e-sport are much higher quality than the others? This is not the case. It’s just like Apple’s hardware – we do not pay for components, but for an exclusive brand. And although I have pointed out several times in the text that mechanical keyboards and optical-sensor mice are more expensive than the average user’s accessory, that does not mean they have to ruin their wallets right away.

New Kingstone products maintain a balance between quality and price. For the HyperX Alloy Elite keyboard we will pay in Polish stores below 549 zł, and the mouse HyperX Pulsefire FPS 249 zł. The set is closed below 800 zł. It is possible to survive, especially since the high life expectancy guarantees that the equipment will not fall apart after an intensive session.

Remember that well-adjusted control accessories will let you play better, longer and more comfortable, and also work well with your day-to-day work. Trust me, once you switch to a mechanical keyboard, you’ll never look at the diaphragm keyboards again.