For all those professionals who work with metal plates, they need the best electric shears for cutting this metal much faster and effective, and can do it in a few minutes, as if it were another less resistant material, we have a selection for you of products that you may like because we have tested them and analyzed them so you can buy the one that best suits your work or requirements.



We want to start with a first class shear, of those that can be used both in the workshop and in the home itself. Although at first sight it may have a rough and difficult to handle feeling, when you start using it, the machine is very well at hand and is very easy to use. It is possible to cut with it from sheet metal to steel, having a very powerful motor that will cause these elements to be cut quickly. On the other hand, with this tool you can not only cut in a straight line, but also in curved shapes. The length of the cable is acceptable, although it could be somewhat longer.


The next tool, as it happens to the first, is not that it will attract by its design, keeping a more robust style, but at the same time more professional. In this case we also bring the Mauk brand, one of the most chosen by metal specialists. You can cut aluminum sheets of at least 2mm and 1.1 steel sheets with ease. It is advisable not to exceed these measures since the device could overheat. In its pistol shape it will be very easy to operate, being able to activate the cut at the moment you want with the power button.


If what you are looking for is one of the best electric shears and one of the most recognized brands in the market, we present this Bosch that will run on battery. In this case it will be perfect to cut from PVC that does not exceed 4mm, but also cardboard, hardened leather and other similar materials, but in no time metal, because the power offered will not give this possibility. You will be able to check the battery that is left thanks to an indicator on the handle, it will also show you thanks to its battery protection system, which you must stop to avoid overheating the tool.



With a style very similar to the previous model that we have analyzed we bring you this Makita brand shear that will give you a very clean and precise cut, without you feeling that the material you are cutting is deformed by the sides, and all this It does so thanks to a double blade that will give you the results you expect. It has a very powerful motor for its compact size, reaching 380 W of power. The body is very ergonomic, so it will be very easy to cut where you want without complications. As in the previous one, we recommend that you do not cut metals since you could damage the blades, it is only possible if the aluminum sheets are 1mm.


To finish, analyze one of the best shears that you will find not only in this catalog but also in the market and comes from the hands of Makita. It is ideal for those professionals who are dedicated to roofing with metallic materials, seeking effectiveness and more precise cuts so that everything fits perfectly. The best of all is that you will not need to sharpen the sheet at any time, since it has a special system for it. Among the benefits you will find when receiving the shipment a box to store and avoid spoiling, having a very manageable and safe handle.


This is one of the best tools you can have at your disposal to cut in the easiest and fastest way any type of material, as long as it has a specific thickness, but for those who work with large metal plates or even leather for the making accessories such as handbags or wallets see in this type of device a tool that makes life much easier and therefore, from this section we want to tell you what it is that you should have the best electric shears so that, when buying your model, know that you have in your hands the one that is going to adapt to what you need.


If you have read all the analyzes you will know that there are two types of shears, the first of which is the one that has the most power and will be connected to the electrical network with a cable, since they need to supply more power to their motor, getting I can cut even metal, both aluminum and steel. These tools have very resistant blades that not only will be able to cut these materials in a straight line, but you can also make them make curved lines so they adapt to any job you have thought of doing.

On the other hand, you have the possibility of buying a manual electric shear that is more manageable but that only gives you the option of cutting cardboard, leather or PVC. In these cases the tool is somewhat lighter, since the material to be cut is much softer and less resistant, but if these materials are what you want to work with, you have to know that you can get out much cheaper than those who will work with the metals. As a point in favor of the first model is that in addition to cutting steel or aluminum, you can also cut cardboard or plastic.

It is important to know that some machines have a slice thickness, so that if you have in mind the dimensions of the metal plates have to cut, you have to look at product specifications if you are going to serve or would you rather choose for another more professional model. This is essential especially for that then do not take the disappointment that the device you bought does not cut as you wanted to do it or to avoid overloading the product, very common if not correspond either to the material or the thickness of the manufacturer recommends you use in these cases.

Electric battery shear

Finally, tell you that you can also find in the most common online stores shears that run on battery, sometimes being as effective as you can find with cables. The main difference will be that they have a lower power, so unless you buy a high quality, will only be used to cut leather, hard cardboard or even in some cases PVC, you will not have a great autonomy Regarding battery, something that can be a nuisance especially if you have to work for long hours and you have to wait for the battery to charge or simply buy some spare. However, the advantage that you will have is that they are much more manageable, easier to catch and with a relatively low weight, so the cut will adapt to your needs and not the other way around. Another advantage is that you can work wherever you want, regardless of whether you are away from the wall or an electric power source. It should also be noted that the price will be much lower than what you can expect, costing cheaper than other more professional models, being indicated above all for those people who are looking for a tool for their workshop at home, that works well, with All the benefits you can ask for your job, but saving a lot of money and space.