Niantic has gradually added great things to Pokémon GO, and the arrival of Legends has surprised many players, Lugia, Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos will now be a favorite of Pokémon GO. But something that is even more amazing is that Mewtwo is coming, and surely we will see soon in the fighting of the game. If you are interested in knowing more about this Pokémon, stay, we will show you all the information so that you are aware of the movements of Niantic.

Soon we will see Mewtwo

  Mewtwo was spotted in Japan on Pokémon GO, as it was in honor of the Yokohama Stadium special event. But now the developers of the game announced that soon Mewtwo will be able to be captured in Spain, and also we will see it by the rest of the West, so it is to come to a special Legendary raid.

Soon, Niantic will activate new raids called “Exclusive Incursions”, and these will be handled in the same way as the others, but surely we will find surprises in them. The exclusive raids will periodically come out in the gyms, and to get into this special type of raid we will need a pass that allows us, as well as all raids. It should be noted that this raid pass is given to trainers who have approved without a problem the usual incursion of the Gym where the exclusive event of Mewtwo will appear.

This invitation will tell us when the Exclusive Raid will be, so we will prepare for the next big fight, and to agree with the other trainers when finally catching Mewtwo. It should be noted that Niantic has not yet announced when this type of raids will begin to emerge, so for the moment, it has not clarified what day the Exclusive Raids will begin, so it is not known exactly when Mewtwo will appear in Spain in Pokémon GO. On the other hand, if Niantic affirmed that Mewtwo will not be the only surprise that we will find in the Exclusive Raids, other strong Pokémon will also emerge in the Raid Eggs.

For the moment, we must be aware of the Niantic publications and be prepared for the great things that the company has prepared for Pokémon GO players fans.